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                    Libraries across Shenzhen

                    Writer: Wu Zhuoyang, Chen Xiaochun  |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From: EyeShenzhen 

                    (This article was updated on Sept. 1, 2021)

                    Nanshan District

                    24-hour self-service lending machines

                    The 24-hour self-service lending machine program is an important project for the city's development as a “city of libraries” and plays an important role in the city's public cultural service system. Funded by the city's government, residents can borrow and return books conveniently using the machines, which also provide free services such as library card applications, book reservations and renewals and information consultation.

                    Add: Multiple locations

                    Tel: (0755) 82841217

                    Website: https://www.szlib.org.cn/libraryNetwork/view/id-5.html

                    Shenzhen Nanshan Library 南山圖書館

                    Founded in 1994, Shenzhen Nanshan Library is one of the cultural landmarks of Nanshan District, open all 365 days of the year. It has comprehensive reading rooms, children’s reading rooms, parent-child reading rooms and some other dedicated reading rooms for meeting the needs of different readers. Moreover, Nanshan Library holds activities for patrons including public lectures. It has also set up a public consultation room, which provides legal advice and psychological consultation for patrons.

                    Tel: 26520380

                    Website: http://www.sznslib.com.cn/

                    Add: 176 Changxing Road, Nanshan District 南山區常興路176號

                    Metro: Line 1 to Taoyuan Station (桃園站),Exit B

                    Shenzhen Science & Technology Library/University Town Library of Shenzhen 深圳市科技圖書館/深圳大學城圖書館

                    As the first library with the dual function of being both a public library and an academic library, the Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology is shared by the graduate schools of four universities: Peking University, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Nankai University, and is open for use by local residents as well. Its mission, “All for the people, for all the people,” aims to serve the local students and faculty members, corporate researchers and knowledge-seeking residents.

                    Located at the heart of the campus, the Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology (also called the University Town Library), possesses the beauty of the crouching tiger and hidden dragon.

                    As the first library to combine the academia with the public, the University Town Library was designed to have a holding capacity of 1.5 million volumes, 3,000 seats, 1,700 data ports, and 8,000 visitors expected daily.

                    The library's interior design along with its architecture gives the building a feel of elegance. Grey and white mixed with orange create a vibrant theme. Spaciousness is applied on all floors, each of which has the same height and support beam distance and payload, making each level an advantageous site for patrons and the library's future expansion. It is a library where people enjoy reading and studying quietly and in peace.

                    Tel: 88866634

                    Website: http://lib.utsz.edu.cn/index.html?locale=en_US

                    Add: 2239 Lishui Road, Nanshan District南山區麗水路2239號

                    Metro: Line 7 to Xili Station (西麗站),Exit D

                    Futian District

                    Shenzhen Library 深圳市圖書館

                    Shenzhen Library was originally known as the former Bao'an County Library. Located in Shenzhen administrative and cultural center and close to the beautiful Lianhua Hill, Shenzhen Library is a large modern cultural facility sponsored and financed by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, occupying a surface area of 29,612 square meters and containing a total floor space of 49,589 square meters. The library provides a book collection capacity of 4,000,000 items, holds 2,500 reading seats and 3,000 net nodes, and can accommodate 8,000 readers per day.

                    Shenzhen Library styles itself in a remarkable way with intricate designs and a modern feel. The style of its architecture shifted from traditional to open-concept during recent renovations, freeing the interior of partitions and endowing it with ample and flexible-use space. The space has ever since reinforced Shenzhen's personality as a young and vital city.

                    Enjoying a collection of 2,450,000 volumes of books and periodicals and nearly 1,000,000 electronic and network documents of various kinds, Shenzhen Library has served almost 2,500,000 readers annually since its re-opening after renovations.

                    In response to the current economic, social and cultural situation in Shenzhen, the library has collected special resources regarding high technology, business, fashion, and law. It also contains local documents from Shenzhen and materials published in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

                    Tel: 82841211 / 82841212

                    Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

                    Website: https://www.szlib.org.cn/index.html

                    Add: 2001 Fuzhong Road 1, Futian District福田區福中一路2001號Metro: Line 4, Children’s Palace Station (少年宮站), Exit D

                    Futian Library 福田圖書館

                    Established in July 1999, Futian Library opened to the public in December 2001 and relocated to the Library Building, close to Lianhua Hill, in April 2008. It has 260,000 books, more than 20,000 audio files, 210 types of newspapers and 2,100 types of magazines. There are reading rooms for books, magazines, multimedia files, consultations, special files, local files, children's books and Braille. There are 1,000 seats in the library, which can serve 3,000 to 4,000 readers a day.

                    The library also offers a remote digital library for readers with about 20,000 digital books, 1,400 digital magazines and large search services. There are 11 branch libraries across the district.

                    Tel: 83055114 

                    Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Closed on Tuesdays)

                    Website: https://www.szftlib.org.cn/

                    Add: 70 Jingtian Road, Futian District福田區景田路70號

                    Metro: Line 2 to Jingtian Station (景田站),Exit C

                    Futian library's 24-hour self-service

                    Futian District Library in Jingtian has a 24-hour self-service area for readers to borrow, return and renew books.

                    Located at the west side of the library building, the self-service area has a few shelves of Chinese-language books on social sciences, natural sciences and literature, as well as children’s books.

                    To enter the area, readers must show their “City of Library” Shenzhen Library Network reader’s card at the entrance. The “City of Library” Shenzhen Library Network covers more than 200 public libraries in Shenzhen. There’s also an emergency button on premise.

                    Futian District Library’s Photo and Video Library 影像主題館

                    Futian District Library opened a photo- and video-themed library outlet in Huaqiangbei on Dec. 27.

                    Located on the third floor of Huaqiang Electronics World’s podium building, the library has a collection of more than 4,000 books on photography, videography, TV and movie production. In the future, the library will host movie-showing and video-making salons, as well as photography lectures.

                    Venue: Futian District Library’s Photo and Video Library, 3/F, Huaqiang Electronics World’s podium building, Huaqiangbei, Futian District 福田區華強北華強電子世界裙樓三樓福田區圖書館影像主題館

                    Metro: Line 2 to Huaqiang North Station (華強北站), Exit A

                    Shenzhen Children’s Library 深圳少年兒童圖書館

                    Established on Nov. 5, 1997, Shenzhen Children's Library is a public library providing information services for children, educators and parents. The library has a collection of more than 200,000 books, 1,000 types of magazines, about 10,000 digital files and nearly 100 pieces of related equipment. Various cultural activities are held at the library on a regular basis.

                    Tel: 82093377, 82093477

                    Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

                    Website: http://www.szclib.org.cn/

                    Add: 1011 Hongli Road, Futian District福田區紅荔路1011號

                    Metro: Line 3 to Tongxinling Station (通新嶺站),Exit C

                    Line 3/9, Hongling Station (紅嶺), Exit B

                    Luohu District

                    Shenzhen Luohu Library羅湖圖書館

                    Founded in 1985, Luohu Library provides literature lending, information consulting and other services for readers of different fields in Luohu District. By the end of 2011, Luohu Library had a collection of 730,000 books, 15 databases and 1,031 newspaper and periodicals.

                    Tel: 25403654

                    Website: http://www.szlhlib.org.cn/web/index.do

                    Add: 1014 Yijing Road, Luohu District 羅湖區怡景路1014號

                    Metro: Line 5 to Yijing Station (怡景站),Exit C

                    Longgang District

                    Shenzhen Longgang Library 龍崗圖書館

                    Longgang Library, located in the east side of Longcheng Square in Longgang District, enjoys convenient transportation. Over 30 bus routes have set up a stop nearby. It’s a convenient 20 minutes' drive away from Shuiguan Expressway and Qingping Expressway.

                    Longgang Library touts a fully open and naturally divided layout, which makes it a flexible venue. It is also designed to optimize the use of natural lighting and ventilation, keeping a top-notch reading environment and saving energy.

                    Tel: 89558918

                    Website: http://www.szlglib.com.cn/

                    Add: Building D, Cultural Center, Longgang Central City, Longgang District 龍崗區龍崗中心城文化中心D座圖書館

                    Metro: Line 3 to Longcheng Square (龍城廣場),Exit D

                    Bao’an District

                    Shenzhen Bao’an Library寶安圖書館

                    Covering an area of 31,854 square meters, Bao'an Library has 2000 seats and the ability to accommodate 10,000 readers per day. By the end of 2015, it had stored 947,000 books, 178,000 electronic books, 11 TB of digital resources and 20 databases. The entire premise of Bao’an Library offers full-coverage Wi-Fi, mobile reading, self-help printing and scanning, underground car parking, casual dining, and other related services.

                    Tel: 27387075

                    Website: http://www.balib.cn

                    Add: 1 Baoxing Road, Bao’an District (opposite of Coastal Square) 寶安區寶興路1號(寶安區委區政府大樓、海濱廣場對面)

                    Metro: Line 5 to Baohua Station (寶華站), Exit D

                    Longhua District

                    Longhua Subdistrict Library 龍華街道辦圖書館

                    Tel: 29571532

                    Add: Longhua Subdistrict Office, Longhua Cultural and Art Center on the intersection of Meilong Road and Donghuan 2 Road 龍華街道辦事處梅龍路與東環二路交匯處龍華文化藝術中心

                    Yantian District

                    Yantian Library 鹽田圖書館

                    By December in 2016, Yantian Library housed 719,000 books, 14 document databases (including three still on trial) and 1,203 journals. With the service aim of “Readers come first, service is supreme,” Yantian Library opens every day for readers all year round.

                    The service areas that the library provides include a children’s books lending area, children’s multimedia reading area, toy library, castle of books, newspapers and periodicals reading area, multifunctional lecture hall, E-reading area, maker space, audio-visual service area, local document room, 4D cinema, DIY activity center, and other functional areas.

                    Tel: 25227003

                    Website: http://ytlib.yantian.org.cn

                    Add: 2128 Shenyan Road, Yantian District 鹽田區深鹽路2128號

                    Transport: Take buses No. 85, 103B, 103, 205, 239, 308, 358, 387, E26, J1, M314, M437, Sightseeing Line 1, Airport Express 6, and alight at Yantian Government (鹽田區政府)

                    Shatoujiao Library 沙頭角圖書館

                    Founded in 1984 and covering an area of 1,000 square meters, Shatoujiao Library has a collection of 50,000 books, over 400 newspapers and periodicals, and 60 seats for reading. It contains a newsroom, E-reading rooms, self-study rooms, reader activity rooms and office areas, offering readers a comfortable place for learning. Shatoujiao Library also hosts various activities on social education and cultural communication, making the library a good place for citizens to take part in cultural education events.

                    Tel: 25352906

                    Intro of the library:http://ytlib.yantian.org.cn/page/id-89.html?locale=zh_CN

                    Add: 3rd to 4th floor of Hanhaidongan Building, 63 Guanxia Road, Shatoujiao, Yantian District 鹽田區沙頭角官下路63號瀚海東岸裙樓3~4樓

                    Transport: Take buses No. 85, 103, 103, 103, 205, 239, 308, 358, 387, B625, B701, B785, J1, or M207, and alight at Guanxia Road (官下路)

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